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Schengen agreements and duty free from Beirut

Publié le 22/01/2019
The attention of travelers departing from Beirut is drawn to their purchases made in the Duty Free shops of the airport.
A large part of connecting flights to Europe have their passengers traveling from the International Zone to the Schengen Zone.
Thus, for example, a passenger traveling from Beirut to Amsterdam with Air France will have to change aircraft in Paris and transit from the international zone to the "Schengen" zone. This change of zone leads to a new safety passage: metal detector, cabin baggage scanner and ban on transport of liquids.
Any purchase of liquid (from the bottle of mineral water to the bottle of alcohol through the cosmetic tube) will be systematically confiscated.
Conversely, a passenger traveling with a stopover from Beirut to New York always with Air France will remain in the international zone during his stopover in Paris and can therefore keep the liquids bought in Duty Free in Beirut.
We therefore encourage travelers concerned by these complex stopovers in European capitals not to buy products that would subsequently be confiscated regardless of their price.

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