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List of available services at Beirut Int. Airport

Information desk
A welcome stand is available in the main hall of the airport. The reception staff can inform travelers and accompanying persons about their flight, their experience at the airport or the formalities to be completed. Do not hesitate to call on them.
ATMs, banks, exchange
Lebanese bank Bankmed has a large network at Beirut International Airport consisting of two bank branches and four ATMs / money changers. Holders of international credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) have the possibility to withdraw money in different parts of the airport as well as to carry out foreign currency exchange, money transfers or other financial transactions.
  • Bankmed branches: The main agency in the main lobby is open 24/7. Tel: (+961) 1 629769 . A second agency is in the restricted area of departures. It is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 1 pm and Saturday from 8:30 am to noon. Tel: (+961) 1 629360
  • ATMs / money changer:  the three ATMs are at the arrivals of the east wing, at the arrivals of the west wing and in the duty free zone. The automatic changer is in the duty free zone.

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VIP Lounge
Several lounges are available at Beirut International Airport. Access is restricted to business and first-class travelers from certain airlines and to VIP card holders. It is also possible to access it punctually by paying access fees.
  • Middle East Airlines Cedar Lounge: This is the largest lounge of Beirut International Airport. It is open to MEA First and Business passengers, Skyteam companies (including Air France, Aeroflot, Alitalia, Saudia), Royal Jordanian, Emirates, Etihad, Royal Air Maroc, etc.
  • Lebanese Air Transport Lounge: free drinks and snacks. Wifi and computers available. Lounge reserved for Ethiopian, British Airways and Aeroflot First and Business passengers as well as passengers paying an entrance fee. 
    Tel: (+961) 1 629 840
  • Ahlein Lounge: it is the most recent (December 2018) and the most comfortable of the airport lounges (also operated by Lebanese Air Transport). Lounge reserved for Ethiopian, British Airways and Aeroflot First and Business passengers as well as passengers paying an entrance fee. Tel: (+961) 1 629 840
  • Qatar Airways Premium Lounge: snacks, drinks and free buffet. Wifi, computers and showers. Lounge reserved for Qatar Airways First and Business passengers and OneWorld alliance airlines (including Royal Air Maroc from 2020) as well as holders of a Qatar Airways Privilege Club card.
  • BIA Lounge: free drinks and snacks. Wifi and computers available. Lounge reserved for Gulf Air and Lufthansa First and Business passengers and passengers paying an entrance fee. 

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All areas of the airport open to the public and travelers have a high-speed wireless connection. Wifi access is offered free of charge to users for a period of 30 minutes. Paid refills ($ 5 / 30mn) allow you to surf longer. In addition, there are 15 multimedia terminals in the airport that can also connect to the internet. Finally, Lebanon has several 4G operators marketing SIM cards without subscription and 3G USB keys for cheap and fast internet access on your PC, tablet or phone. These SIM cards are available and can be activated in several shops at the airport.
Stores and duty free shops
Beirut's Rafic Hariri International Airport is one of Lebanon's largest commercial areas and one of the most beautiful airport shopping areas in the entire Middle East. The diversity of brands and products sold, as well as the prices, compete with the largest airports in the world. Local gastronomy, optics, books and newspapers, music, souvenirs, jewelery, handicrafts, ready-to-wear and luxury brands, electronics, telephony and computers, alcohol and tobacco, are all products offered to travelers who every day see many of them crying with joy at the display of so many treasures.

Most of the products available for purchase in Beirut's international airport shops are also available online. To save time and take the time to compare you also have the opportunity to prepare your shopping list which will be given to you during your visit to the airport.
NB: the purchase of Duty Free goods is also possible on arrival in the Duty Free Arrivals area.

Duty Free from Beirut Airport online: 

Read warning on Duty Free purchases

Post office
To send your letters, postcards and parcels, for your purchases of stamps and for the reception and the sending of money orders or transfers MONEYGRAM, the post office of the international airport of Beirut is opened in the main hall every days from 8h to 20h (closing at 17h00 on Sunday).
Police & security
Beirut Intl. Airport is always concerned about the safety of passengers and aircraft. The police of the airport listen to all travelers. Security officers also ensure compliance with international standards. You can call them to report any suspicious activity. In addition, we remind you that leaving luggage unattended can cause its destruction and prosecution against you.
Luggage wrapping
In order to reinforce and protect your luggage from shocks, theft or scratches, a paid luggage packing service is available in both wings of Beirut Airport. These two packing stations are offered 24/24 to passengers by Group Plus at fixed prices of 7500 or 15 000 Lebanese pounds depending on the size of the baggage packed. Information: (+961) 3930578
Call center
Information on departures, arrivals, delays and other information can be obtained by calling the airport: (+961) 1 628 000
Prayer rooms
Prayer spaces for Christians and Muslims are located on the second floor above the duty free area in the departures hall.
Passengers with reduced mobility
Wheelchairs and support staff are available free of charge for passengers with reduced mobility to and from Beirut Airport. It is essential, when booking your flight or in any case before take-off day, to indicate to the company that you will need assistance on the ground and / or in flight in order to provide the appropriate personnel and to take you in charge upon your arrival at the airport and facilitate your check-in formalities and access to the boarding area. The facilities at Beirut International Airport are suitable for wheelchair use (elevators, speedwalks, sanitary facilities, etc.).
Luggage scales
Each airline flying to Lebanon impose a different baggage allowance. It is important that every traveler comply with those rules under threat of being required to pay excess baggage fees that can be prohibitive. It is therefore recommended to weigh your luggage before you get to the airport. However, it is possible to weigh them on the luggage scales available at check-in counters in order to lighten them if necessary.
Cabin baggage
Just like checked baggage, cabin baggage must meet a maximum size and weight. Airlines propose in the check-in area boxes to check if your cabin baggage meets the standards. Some passengers try at the time of boarding to carry more or different bags that those validated at check-in. They are exposed to leave their bags at the airport or to pay excess baggage fees in addition to delay the takeoff to the detriment of all travelers.
Tickets and tourism
Passengers who have not had the time to buy their plane ticket or have missed their flight have the opportunity to buy their trip to the airlines on site, including the day of departure if seats are available. The Lebanese Tourist Office also has an office at the airport that provides visitors with all information about hotels, tours and stays in Beirut and the rest of Lebanon.
In order to ensure the comfort of its travelers and visitors, Beirut International airport offers a medical service for health emergencies (presence of defibrillators and personnel trained to use it). Tel: (+961) 1 629 088
Baggage disputes
In case of loss, theft or damage related to baggage carried by travelers, you must contact your airline as soon as you have knowledge of the incident, ideally at the exit of the baggage delivery hall. In case of theft or dispute you can contact the security service available in each wing of the airport.
Bars and restaurants
The airport has several cafes / bars / restaurants spread across its various halls and wings.You can eat there or eat a variety of hot and cold drinks. Fast food (sandwiches) is also available 24/24 and 7/7.
  • Restaurants operated by Fulcrum SAL: tel: (+961) 1 628240
    • Restaurant Akle: in the departures hall, open 24/7. With its charcoal shawarma and Arabic coffee, Aklé is the perfect place to sample authentic local cuisine.
    • Café Matik: in the departures hall, open 24/7. hot drinks, pastries and sandwiches. At around US $ 7 each, Café Matik at Beirut Airport is known around the world for offering the most expensive latte coffee between the longitudes of Berlin and Tokyo. At nearly US $ 10 the tuna sandwich club, Matik Café is the first step of a diet after enjoying the art of living and Lebanese cuisine.
    • The Balkoumi: in the departures hall, open 24/7. The Balkoumi offers a wide variety of healthy and light dishes as well as vegetarian dishes. Homemade dishes. The Balkoumi has the only smoking area at the airport.
    • The Salt: in the departures hall, open 24/7. Selection of pastries and cakes, salads, sandwiches and hot dishes. The Salt offers a special menu of sushi, made to order, ensuring the utmost freshness.

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